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Children & Youth

  Sunday School:
Children's Chapel starts at 9:45 am and Children's Sunday School starts at 10:00 am.





Bishop Iker confirmed four new young adults in August 2013.

The Sunday School classes will continue on with the David C Cook material.  We will be adding more prayer learning to the older group.  They are learning a grace that they will say at our next Parish luncheon.  Please help your children learn to say prayers like the Creed & Lords Prayer.  Prayers at bedtime are something they should do.

Regular Christian Education Schedule

Children & Youth:
Sundays @ 10:00 a.m. Education Bldg. Beginning again on 8/18/2013

Children’s Chapel- Sundays @ 9:45

Nursery- Sundays @ 10:00 and Other Times per Request

Sundays:  @ 9:00 am  Education Bldg

Thursday: @ 6:30 pm Evening Prayer

                   @ 7:00 pm Study Group  - Starting September 11, 2014