About Our Church
History can give us much needed insight into the life of our congregation. In the good times, it serves to remind us of the labors and sacrifices which have made the church all that it is today. In difficult days, it can help us to recall that the parish has already gone through and successfully overcome great challenges and adversities. An account of past triumphs can inspire us to forge ahead and not to falter in our own generation.

Without the benefit of knowing our history it is easy to become so caught up in the moment that we are unable to keep our perspective. It is in the broad sweep of history, with its record of heights and depths, that we can make sense of the events of our own time and can learn to discern the hand of God's loving Providence in them.

One of the parts of a church's history that is especially inspiring is the account of the gifts given for the ornamentation of its buildings. It is very moving to stand before an object, such as a stained glass window, and to read the names of those who donated it. it is as a witness to the devotion and love of God's people for their Lord, His Church, and His worship.

Lesser Feasts and Fasts contains a prayer which states, "O God of truth and beauty,... Teach us,...to see in thee the source of all our talents, and move us to offer them for the adornment of worship and the advancement of true religion."(p. 241) 

Often an inscription will describe these gifts as having been given as memorials to a departed friend or relative. Reading this, think of the bond of love we have for one another--the living for the dead--and the dead for the living, In the Communion of Saints. It Is another reminder of our common humanity under a merciful and gracious Creator.

Finally, these ornaments are visible reminders of the Kingdom of God. One of the collects in The Book of Common Prayer asks that God may grant that in these earthly things we may behold the order and beauty of things heavenly." (p. 573)

May our Lord grant that it be so for all who read this work.